What do we know about Employee Productivity?: Insights from Bibliometric Analysis

Journal of Scientometric Research,2022,11,2,183-198.
Published:September 2022
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Shivangi Singh*, Ajay Solkhe, Poonam Gautam

University School of Management, Kurukshetra University, Thanesar, Haryana, INDIA.


Purpose: It is an established conception that increased employee productivity plays an instrumental role in the sustained success of a business. Resultantly, organisations have pursued it with utmost priority. The study intended to present the academic patterns as well as structures concerning research in the field of employee productivity from the year 2002 to 2021 using bibliometric tools and applications. Design/methodology/approach: The Scopus database was used to extract the data for this study. To determine the current state of research on employee productivity, the most widely acknowledged indicators used for performing bibliometric analysis have been employed. A software application named VOS viewer is used for mapping bibliographic data. Originality/value: The term ‘productivity’ has gained popularity in the corporate quarters in recent years which has generated the interest of authors in analysing their research patterns. Moreover, no such retrospective bibliometric study on employee productivity is conducted so far.

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